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About The Show

Images from the Time-Lord
Images from the Time-Lord

My background

Hi, I’m Steve Lazarus, the founder and host of Your London Legacy.

I’ve lived and worked in London all my life and the truth is, I stumbled into this podcast. Originally, I was looking to create a podcast around my day job as a Loss Assessor, where I help people with their property insurance claims. But you know what? That really bored me, and if was bored,  I guessed you would be too.

However, in my job over the last 30 years, I’ve met thousands of Londoners, from all walks of life, and it is they who have made every day so fascinating for me.

My mission

To introduce you to the Londoners who contribute to our beautiful city. To let them tell you their stories, their passion, their desires. From, authors, musicians, sportsmen, community leaders and charity workers, to business owners and entrepreneurs. If they have a story to tell, Your London Legacy will bring it direct to you.

If you love London as much as we do, then Your London Legacy is for you.

Your London Legacy- telling the timeless stories of London’s (hidden) personalities.

"I've been interviewed by a number of podcasts but none has been as enjoyable as my interview with Steve, what I really valued was how he researches his guests in such an intricate way, and therefore his questions are relevant, up to date, informative and show that he values who he has on the show. I have no doubt the podcast will be a great success, due to Steve being a great professional"

Michele Attias

Mindset Expert, Coach, International Speaker & Author