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Mark Monroe Is A Creative London Cabbie Who Hosts The Fascinating ‘Secret London’ You Tube Channel, Sharing Places & Quirky Stories of London You Would Have To Dig Hard To Find

Mark Monroe Web Image

London cabbies are a wonderful, rich and varied bunch and Mark Monroe is no exception. Born in Plymouth Mark moved to London as a young man and studied Musical Theatre at the Arts Ed school in Chiswick, after which he was a jobbing theatre actor to the age of 33. Realising the instability of the…

Pearly Queen Of St Pancras Diane Gould Was Born In N.London Into A Family Of Costermongers (Street Traders). Happy Carefree Times Diane Traces Her Roots Back To The Very First Pearly King.

Pearly Queen Diane Gould On Your London Legacy

Pearly Queen Diane Gould follows in the rich tradition of Pearly royalty. Born in North London into a family of Costermongers (street market traders) her Father Alf Dole was grandson of the very first Pearly King of St Pancras, having put on his first suit as the Pearly Prince aged 7. As Diane says, The…

David Burnetts Has Been A London Black Cab Taxi Driver For Over 40 Years. He’s Seen Huge Cultural Changes & Has Enjoyed Every Minute As He Simply Loves London & Londoners

David Burnett on Your London Legacy Podcast

If there is one thing that everyone associates with London life it’s the iconic black cab. Todays’ guest is The Capital Cabbie himself David Burnetts, whose been a London Licensed taxi driver since 1978. Just imagine that for a moment. David has been driving clients around our magnificent city for over 40 years. I had…