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Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz Has Been Called ‘The Man Whisperer’ For Good Reason. Founder Of MenSpeak Men’s Group He Turns Unconscious Lives Of Survival Into Creative Lives Of Passion.

Kenny D'Cruz chats to Steve Lazarus for Your London Legacy podcast

Dubbed ‘The Man Whisperer’ by Newsweek, Kenny Mammarella – D’Cruz understands what makes men tick at the deepest and most personal level. As he says, “people often find him at a crossroads in their lives, lacking adequate tools, community or awareness to deal with it like a man.” Kenny came from dramatic beginning; being told…

This Could Happen To You! Documentary Maker & Film Producer Paul Atherton FRSA Has Been Homeless In London For Over 10yrs. His Incredible Story Is Nothing Like You’d Imagine

Paul Atherton on Your London Legacy Podcast

So you think you understand homelessness. After you listen to this week’s guest you may want to think again. Paul Atherton was born in Cardiff in 1968 and has been homeless this time round for over 10 years, but his story will probably surprise, confound, and inspire you. You see—at three months old Paul was…

Chartered Psychologist Dr Audrey Tang’s New Book ‘The Leaders Guide To Mindfulness,How To Use Soft Skills To Get Hard Results’ Will Help Unleash Your Creative Powers & Reduce Stress

Dr Audrey Tang talks to London Podcast Your London Legacy

One of my favourite English Rock bands of the 1980’s got it spot on with the lyric ‘’When people run in circles it’s a very very mad world, mad world’’. Life is just so hectic and there is no respite. Daily work and family pressures in my view are significantly worse than they were back…