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Bonus Episode: Thank You All From The Bottom Of My Heart. I Couldn’t Do It Without Your Love & Support

Me On Your London Legacy

Just over two years ago I was flat on my back in a London hospital recovering from my second back operation in two weeks. The care I received from all the staff at the NHS was amazing and I’m really grateful to them. I’m also grateful as this period of down time allowed me to…

At 25 Years Old Peter Apps Was Living His Best Life Reporting From War Torn Sri Lanka. Then Tragedy Struck & He Broke His Neck. TedX London Speaker Peter Refuses To Be Defined By His Disability & Is An Inspiration To All Of Us

Peter Apps chats to Your London Legacy

In 2006 Peter Apps was living the life he felt he was meant to lead, and what he had worked towards for several years. He was a 25 year old journalist and had just spent the last two years on assignment with Reuters in southern Africa. On Sept 5th 2006, Peter was in Sri Lanka…