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Master Chef Semi-Finalists Went On To Follow Their Cooking Dreams In Covent Garden & Beyond

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What do you get when you mix two ‘semi-fit’ Mater Chef finalists with a passion for good food, good fun and good causes?

Since Billy and Jack achieved fame in this iconic TV cookery show in 2016, they have gone on to create sell out supper clubs in Covent Garden, and work with leading brands such as Google, Lidl and Ketel One. However, it’s not all been a bed of roses—as Billy suffered a major setback when diagnosed with a potentially life limiting illness in 2017. This then is their story so far.

“Literally the first day you go in there you’re thrust on camera and you have to cook—there’s no preamble.”


In order to get onto Master Chef (at the time) all Billy and Jack needed to do was fill out a pdf form and send it off to the producers. They waited a few months, got a call out of the blue, and after a few rounds of answering intense questions about cooking—they have you in for a test to see how you perform on camera. Next thing they knew, Billy and Jack were tossed into the mix for what would be their season of Master Chef—making it all the way to the top three.


The time pressure Master Chef places on its contestants is no joke. Billy and Jack note that the hardest part of the competition was having to cook on camera in a high stress environment, then plunge right back into their day job. In their free time, both of the chefs practiced on their own time—doing an insane amount of prep work and training to prepare themselves for the show. It was about the equivalent of obtaining a university degree in cooking over the course of a few months. So—when you see a contestant cry or break down on camera, know that they are at the end of their tether, completely washed out having given it all they have.

“I cooked probably 4 or five nights a week until about midnight or one o’clock in the morning—for three months.”

After bonding on the show and making it into the final three, Billy and Jack still wanted to pursue cooking outside the competition. They received tons of requests from fans who wanted to eat their food. So, three years ago Billy and Jack started their Supper Club—a monthly restaurant takeover of their own devising. They create unique menus and take over restaurants for a night to deliver exquisite dining experiences. Their next Dinner Club will be at Boki in London’s Seven Dials: which you can get a ticket for here. They are also doing a fundraiser to raise money for Cancer Research UK: and you can get tickets for that as well right here.



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