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Max Somerset Has Performed His Unique Brand Of Magic On His Own TV Shows, For Celebrities & Royalty Around The World, And Has An Incredible Story And Take On Life, The Universe & Everything. To Find Out Why he Calls Himself An ‘Unusualist’ You Must Check Out This Brilliant Episode

max Somerset on Your London Legacy Podcast

Ok, hands up—who doesn’t love a great magic show? I know I do, and have done since a very young age.

Today’s brilliant guest, Maximillian Somerset, is not your run of the mill magician. He’s an award winning multi-talented TV magician, musician and ‘Unusualist’. Max is one of the few privileged to be an Honorary Inner Member of the prestigious Magic Circle in London, and has performed for celebrities, Royalty, Barristers and Road Sweepers alike.

Max has had his own prime time TV show on BBC1 called The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and a six part prime time series for Sky One called Max Magic.

In addition to his amazing magical skills, Max had the most unusual and eclectic upbringing, and has endured terrible personal loss from a young age. By joining together his masterful musical and magical talents Max turned the negatives into positives and has a most uplifting and stoic outlook on life.

To find out what an ‘Unusualist’ is, you will have to pay close attention, as Max dives deep into his unique fresh approach and take on life, the universe and everything. Now that’s magic.

“Everything around us all began as light—and then light beams became alive—and then light beams ended up doing talk shows.”


Max isn’t interested in magic in and of itself. He doesn’t want to be a magician who just does fancy tricks with an air of being mysterious or holier than thou. He wants to point out the mystery and strangeness of everything around us—something summed up by a talk he gives titled ‘What the hell is wrong with reality?” He finds existence amazing as it is, and all his tricks center around exposing what’s all around us so we don’t take reality for granted.

“That’s a trick I don’t believe in magic—they say to me—and I say well I’m glad you don’t believe in real magic, I stopped believing in real magic when I was five!”


He titles himself an ‘Unusualist’ rather than illusionist, as his inspiration comes from so many different avenues. Music, theatre, life, philosophy—all of which he brings into his magic. He sees himself as being in reality and inviting you to explore it with him. This traces back all the way to his origins at the age of five, trying to push coins through the table because he had seen a magician on TV do the same. He didn’t understand the laws of nature yet, and even when he did he found majesty in its inherent weirdness which has pushed him and his magic ever since.

“I’m not saying earning isn’t important—but more important than that, I think, are our virtues. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control—learning to cultivate character.”

Max performs all over the globe—and even at funerals. He finds that magic is the great leveler between class and nations, and continues to work on spreading the joy of a good experience of peering just behind the veil of our reality. Max can be found teaching others magic and giving talks at colleges and schools to show how his ‘Unusualist’ way of thinking can help you harness the universe’s mysteries. He’s a fantastic character and gentleman of the arts, and if you ever get the chance to see or talk with him—be prepared to have your mind opened a little wider to see a magic you can take with you anywhere.







About the author, Steve

Steve has lived and worked in London all his life. It's the place he calls 'home'. It's where his parents and great grand-parents lived before him and where his wife and kids grew up too. Steve's love of his stunning capital city, led to the idea of Your London Legacy, where Londoners tell their story in their own unique voice.

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