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Bonus Episode: Thank You All From The Bottom Of My Heart. I Couldn’t Do It Without Your Love & Support

Me On Your London Legacy

Just over two years ago I was flat on my back in a London hospital recovering from my second back operation in two weeks. The care I received from all the staff at the NHS was amazing and I’m really grateful to them. I’m also grateful as this period of down time allowed me to reflect on my life and what really matters to me.

Aside from  my family who are top of the list, it also dawned on me as I listened to radio shows, Audible books and podcasts, that I too had a creative spark deep inside that id never really explored before. So with the help and guidance of my good friend and mentor Mark Asquith of Captivate FM (formerly Podcast Websites), I was able to design and create from scratch Your London Legacy Podcast.

Your London Legacy is totally different as we meet and chat with some of the most wonderfully gifted and diverse Londoners, you are ever likely to come across, but that you would not necessarily have heard of. They are not necessarily famous, though some are. They are not seeking the limelight of fame and fortune, though many deserve just that.

These are the Londoners that make our beautiful city tick and Your London Legacy provides an insight into their lives, through  the deep personal stories they share. These are Londoners of all ages, creeds, culture, religion, income and interest. All are welcome to share their story and their love of London every Monday.

When I launched the podcast in June 2018 I had no idea where it would take me. But we are now closing in on 60 episodes, and the show is being listened to and enjoyed all around the world. From London , to New York, Hong Kong, to the British Virgin Islands, Brazil, India and Jamaica. I am humbled and amazed that there has been interest in what we are doing from such far flung places, but it fills me with gratitude every day.

However creating Your London Legacy takes up a good deal of my time and resources, from researching the amazing guests, taking time out of my working day to meet the guest and record the show. The audio editing which I outsource so you get the very best quality sound however you listen, the website hosting, the equipment, on and on.

I absolutely  love creating Your London Legacy, and the feedback and testimonials are awesome but as it grows so it consumes more and more resources. So I’ve joined forces with Patreon, a really cool place where you can show your love and support from as little as $2 per month as a Silver Londoner right up to $300 pm where you get ‘Crown Jewels’ level. Each level of subscription opens up a host of exclusive extra goodies, events, bonus shows and sponsorship opportunities only available via Patreon.

I do hope you will continue to support what we are doing here and I am so grateful for whatever you feel able to give so head over to



About the author, Steve

Steve has lived and worked in London all his life. It's the place he calls 'home'. It's where his parents and great grand-parents lived before him and where his wife and kids grew up too. Steve's love of his stunning capital city, led to the idea of Your London Legacy, where Londoners tell their story in their own unique voice.

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