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Robbie Chapman AKA ‘The Camden Caretaker’ Is Taking Care of Business. From Local Park & Rise To The Top His Boxing Career Is Flourishing

Robbie Chapman The Camden Caretake

Robbie Chapman is not your regular professional boxer. Mousy blonde curly locks frame his modern-day film star surfer face. At 24 years old, Robbie has accumulated 40 amateur fights before turning pro in May 2018. Robbie hails from Hampstead and is trained by our good friend Xavier Miller at IQ Boxing in Neasden. He made…

How Xavier Miller Transformed From Special Needs Teacher To Successful Professional Boxing Coach

London Podcast

This was the first time I’d ever been inside a boxing club, so I was a little bit apprehensive. As I got closer to the ring, I saw two combatants sparring hard. But the first thing I was aware of was the noise. The grunt of the boxer as he lets rip and the thudding…