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London Based Film Director Patrick McLennan Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His Inspiring New Film ‘The Ponds’ & Reveals Why It Has Taken On A Life Of Its Own

Patrick McLennan Your London Legacy

Getting Patrick McLennan to appear on the podcast took a little bit of gentle persuasion. You see, as Patrick succinctly put it he’s as ‘’journalist by training and inclination’’ and has never wanted to be ‘’in the public eye’’ or indeed on the other side of the camera or in this case mike. Patrick is…

Tailor To Icons Of The Music Industry For Over Fifty Years, Chris Ruocco Is A Humble Gentleman & Features In A Brand New Documentary About Swimming At Hampstead Ponds

Chris Ruocco Your London Legacy

It’s difficult to know quite where to start with a character like Chris Ruocco. He’s been a tailor for upwards of 50 years and all that time in the same shop in Kentish Town N. London. To walk into Chris’s shop is to step back in time, with shelves sagging under the weight of beautiful…