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‘Soho George’ Is A Living London Legend. A Non-Conformist. Spot Him Every Day In Soho Resplendent In His Unique Attire. He’s An Integral Part Of Soho’s Fascinating History, Art, Music & Culture. This Is His Story.

Soho George on Your London Legacy

George Skeggs is without question one of London’s very own last remaining living legends. Otherwise known as ‘Soho George’, he is a gentleman with a truly unique style—and if by chance you are unfamiliar with his name, you certainly will not be unfamiliar with his image if you spend any time around London’s historic Soho…

Ray Gelato ‘Godfather Of Swing’ And London Jazz Legend Celebrates 25 Years With ‘The Giants’

Ray Gelato

Today’s guest is a true legend of the British jazz, swing, and jump blues scene. Ray Gelato was born in the swinging 60’s, and the streets of west of London where he grew up were his playground and classroom. Son of an American soldier and Jewish mother, Ray is widely known as ‘The Godfather of…