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How Two Back Operations Inspired Me To Create ‘Your London Legacy’ – Despite Knowing Nothing About Podcasting

Steve Lazarus - Your London Legacy Podcast

After around 8 months and some 36 new guests, I thought it was time to take a deep breath, pause and reflect on what we have achieved at Your London Legacy. So I’m going take you behind the scenes and lift the curtain on how we got to where we are today. It may not…

How Sophia Bhaumick Used A Brutal Assault As A Springboard To Choose An Unlikely Career In Men’s Boxing

London Podcast

Every so often I meet a young inspirational person who completely takes my breath away. Sophia Bhaumick is one such individual. From an outcast at school, to captaining the Men’s rowing team— Sophia has travelled extensively, and whilst volunteering in the Philippines after a major typhoon, her life was to take a sudden and unexpected…